Hello Everyone, today let`s talk a little bit about the word along, do you like this word?

Along (preposition or adverb)

Along is a PREPOSITION of MOTION (or MOVEMENT) or PLACE meaning “from one end towards the other end”.

E.g. Taxis often come along this street.

I love to see trees along the sides of the road.

Along is also used in the idiom along with (“in company with”).

E.g. We`re going for a ride. Why don`t you come along with us?

We often omit the  with + noun phrase.

E.g. Why don`t you come along?

Take Care!


Source: Leech, Geoffrey. An A-Z of English Grammar Usage. Longman.


Sobre trueenglish

Hello Everybody!!! I am Antônia Sales, a Brazilian English teacher. I have been teaching English since 2004. I also work as a translator and I hope to share what I know and also to learn more with all of you. Together, we are going through the amazing world of English language. Let`s go !!! bye


  1. Congrats for the great work you’ve been doing here with your web blog. I used to work as an English teacher in Salvador (Bahia) my home town before moving to The Netherlands with my partner about 7,5 years ago. I also have a web blog with chronicles and useful links about how is life in The Netherlands. I hope we can keep contact via email. You know even knowing all those grammar rules sometimes is easy to confuse them or make silly mistakes. I have friends (couple with 2 kids) who recently moved to London and they are still in the process of learning English and I’m sure your blog will be very useful for them as well as for those who want to brush up their English. Keep on the good work! I how to hear from you soon.

    • Hi dear friend,
      Great to have you here. Please send me your blog, I want to visit Neetherlands on my next vacation. At this moment, I am in Wales. Thanks a lot for your contribution. Sharing information is the first step for learning. bye

  2. Hi Antonia,
    My blog address is By the way I was in London last week to meet friends and had a good time there, and bought the English vocabulary in use (advanced level) by Michael McCarthy & Felicity O’Dell (including CD room) published by Cambridge University Press (ISBN 978-0-521-67746-2). I started using today and I’m enjoying it a lot. I definitely recommend it. As we all know there’s no secret in learning a new language. Dedication is the key word and first of all try to fall in love to the language you want to learn or improve, as a matter of fact all starts when you create a sort of curiosity, interest like foreseeing yourself speaking and dreaming in the new language. Most of us sometimes are afraid of making silly mistakes or some people like me try to be perfectionist and get upset when make any fault. The most important during the learning process is to pass the message across, I mean, no matter if your accent is strong or not, the important point is to be clear in your speech, being in contact with native speakers, choosing one standard model for example. From my experience I studied at a (BE) British English Language School but all the the Brazilian English teachers used to have standard AE (American English), so the result is that I have a tendency to speak most of the words in AE, specially those with the beginning r sound and my grammar usage and vocabulary is mixed with BE. After long years trying to redefine my way of speaking to one standard, I realised that the most important is not my foreign accent but how clear and accurate is my speech production (pronunciation in English). I’ve never been to Wales and from BBC TV programmes seems to be a lovely place to visit. I hope one of these days we can chat via skype.

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