Each other X one another.


Hello Everybody!

Hoje vamos falar sobre Each other X One another. Eles são chamados pronomes recíprocos, pois são usados para dizer que as pessoas fazem a mesma coisa, sentem a mesma coisa ou tem o mesmo tipo de relacionamento.

Por exemplo, se você odeia o seu vizinho e  o seu vizinho também lhe odeia, eu poderia dizer:

You hate each other ou You hate one another. (Vocês se odeiam). Portanto o each other e o one another trazem a idéia de sentimento mútuo.

Outro exemplo:

You and I understand each other.

Vale a pena conferir o dicionário para mais exemplos e formas de uso.



Sobre trueenglish

Hello Everybody!!! I am Antônia Sales, a Brazilian English teacher. I have been teaching English since 2004. I also work as a translator and I hope to share what I know and also to learn more with all of you. Together, we are going through the amazing world of English language. Let`s go !!! bye


  1. Hi there,

    Even though “each other” seems to be more commonly used than “one another,” it is most often used incorrectly. The terms both have the same basic meaning, and it is only quantity that distinguishes them. So, to understand when to use “each other” and when to use “one another,” you have to know how many are involved.


    Use “each other” when referring to two things.

    Study the use of “each other” in these instances: The two dogs looked at each other. The boy and the girl help each other.

    Use “one another” when referring to three or more things.

    Note the use of “one another” in this instance: The dog, cat and bird looked at one another.

    Remember one small exception to the rule, as pointed out by the Associated Press Stylebook. When referring to an indefinite number, either “each other” or “one another” can be used. For example: We love each other. We love one another.

    Read more: How to Use “Each Other” and “One Another” Correctly | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_4495368_use-each-other-one-another.html#ixzz1Zpd823nN

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