Teacher`s Day!


Hello dear all!

Today I am gonna talk about the origin of the teacher profession. It started in Greece a long time ago with a kind of profession so-called Paedagogus, who was the slave responsible for providing the conditions for the children learn. The paedagogus usually used to be the smartest slave a family had, which the rich aristocrat could choose to help in the development of the children of the family.

However, the profession  role has changed a lot in the centures. After slavery time in Greece, we had the the sophists time, when the sophists charged for teaching. Socrates criticized it a lot, comparing them to prostitutes. According to Socrates, knowledge would be free of charge. However, Socrates came from a rich family, so he didn`t need to work !

We had the World Teacher`s Day, in October, 5th, around the world and today the date is celebrated in Brazil.

Congratulations, not only to teachers, but also to all those who believe in the importance of Education!


Sobre trueenglish

Hello Everybody!!! I am Antônia Sales, a Brazilian English teacher. I have been teaching English since 2004. I also work as a translator and I hope to share what I know and also to learn more with all of you. Together, we are going through the amazing world of English language. Let`s go !!! bye


    • You are still a teacher, you are a role model for all the Brazilians who are afraid of facing the world. And I see the heart of a teacher in you, your blog shows it.
      Happy Teacher`s Day to you too!!!

  1. Antonia, Happy Teacher’s Day.
    But all day is Teacher’s day because you are fundamental in our life.
    Congratulations for your trip, which be the beginning of your personal fulfillments.
    You deserves all what it’s happening. It’s resulted of your effort, study and work.
    I am sure, we are waiting your return as soon as possible, and which this possible be fast!!!

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