Boxing Day!


Hello everybody! How have you been? Are you ready for celebrating the special holidays?

Today I wanna talk about Boxing Day. It is the following day after Christmas, and it is a public holiday. It`s interesting that if Boxing Day, in the calendar, falls on a Sunday, the holiday goes to Monday, so people can enjoy this national holiday in the whole Great Britain.

So, it is common to see in the menus, special dishes for Boking Day.

According to English Oxford Dictionary:


  • a public holiday celebrated on the first day (strictly, the first weekday) after Christmas Day.
  • Origin: mid 19th century: from the custom of giving tradespeople a Christmas box on this day

Nice holiday, isn`t it?

P.S.: I hope you liked the new layout of our blog!

Merry Christmas to you all !!!


Sobre trueenglish

Hello Everybody!!! I am Antônia Sales, a Brazilian English teacher. I have been teaching English since 2004. I also work as a translator and I hope to share what I know and also to learn more with all of you. Together, we are going through the amazing world of English language. Let`s go !!! bye

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  1. Here the Christmas is celebrated one day before, but on Christmas day is holiday too. I think if the Brazil know more about the Boxing Day, it would turn more one holiday here. I will go talking with my boss about it. hehehhehe

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