I am Antônia Sales, an English teacher and I am here to talk about English with all of you. I hope to share knowledge with all my friends and also with the ones who love English as I do.

I hope you enjoy it!  bye



  1. Hi Antonia!My name is Clara and I am a Brazilian girl from Rio de Janeiro.I came to the USA last year in July to live in a city called Rockville,Maryland in the outskirts of Washington DC for 2 years because of my parent’s work.I read your tips about the differences between British and American English and even tough I am living the States,I think the British is more beautiful(perhaps because I studied at Cultura Inglesa).I would like to go to college in the UK and I would like to knowif you can give me some tips.I read that you are in Wales and I think it is a very beautiful photo but I haven’t been there yet.I recently visited London for the third time in August and came back to begin my senior year at high school.You can answer this or you may prefer to send an e-mail to me:clarinhapalha@hotmail.com

  2. Hello, Antonia! Sorry my bad English! My name is Rafael Vieira, I love English and I have plans to live in Canada! But before I do an exchange in Europe, as in Ireland and Other Countries!
    I wonder if you’re living outside of Brazil? Is giving lessons at a school? It has an English course for foreigners? if you want to contact by email, my email is vieirasant[at]gmail.com

    Thank you!

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